A Fun Twist of History for Your Next Event

It’s the attention to detail that sets the History Makers apart. Each performer portrays a real person from America’s past. Some characters are famous, some never made the history books. But all of them helped shape our nation.  And our performers’ knowledge of history, their ability to stay in character while entertaining your guests and their accurate costumes can add an unexpected – and memorable – element to your event.

To book a History Maker, contact the Group Sales Department via email at groupsales@historicphiladelphia.org or call 215-629-5801 x209.

A group of costumed History Makers, including Betsy Ross
A Storyteller entertains guests at one of the storytelling benches along a stop of the Once Upon A Nation tours
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A History Maker in colonial costume demonstrates the process for doing laundry in the Betsy Ross House
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