Walking Tours

Once Upon A Nation walking tours are best experienced by groups that max out at 30 people. Along the routes, your guests will encounter our thoroughly trained, researched and costumed History Makers at the locations where history was made.

A tour group listens to a History Maker in colonial soldier costume tell a story before entering a tour locationHistory Maker Tour

Your personal History Maker will whisk your group back in time as you stroll through America’s “most historic square mile.” All Once Upon A Nation History Makers stay in character as they portray real people from America’s past and deliver an authentic experience rich with historical content and first-person narrative. One hour tours visit 3-4 sites; Two hour options stop at 5-6 sites.

A group of children sit in a circle in the grass as they listen to a Storyteller tell a story on the Story Stroll tourOnce Upon A Nation Story Stroll

Lace up for a short walk through America’s long history. Within just three city blocks our award-winning Storytellers will guide your group through almost four centuries of the stories that shaped our nation.  from the 1860s to today. Join the living timeline that takes you from the 1680s to today and become part of the stories in the places history happened.


For information about the below programs for K-12, University, Scout, Camp, Full Day Feld Trips, and Day Care please contact education@historicphiladelphia.org.

Adult groups, tour operators, and youth organizations should contact the Group Sales Department at groupsales@historicphiladelphia.org.

Two History Makers in colonial costume perform in front of a groupA Soldier’s Life

Join a Revolutionary-Era soldier as he explains the daily lifestyle of a typical infantryman in Washington’s Continental Army. During this very lively and interactive program, students will be fitted up with colonial-era equipment and gear and undergo the proper training of the day.

History Makers portraying George and Martha Washington pose outside of a colonial buildingFounding Fathers & Mothers

Meet the men and women who risked it all to help forge our nation! What made them put everything on the line? What were the dangers they faced? This engaging presentation will give you an exclusive look into the minds and motivations of some of the ordinary men and women whose daring made them – and our country – great. Through Q&A and lively interactions, your group will learn about the personal and political lives of those who fought for our freedoms.

Field Trips

Whether you’re joining us in person in Philadelphia, or from anywhere else in the world virtually, we have field trip programs that will immerse your students in educational, engaging, and fun 18th Century history.

Full Day Field Trip

Enhance your in-class instruction with Historic Philadelphia, Inc.’s (HPI) cross-curricular, standards-based Full Day Field Trip experience. Created by educators for educators, the package fosters a deeper understanding of 4 – 6 grade classroom material by introducing students to some of the key events in history in the places where it happened.

Throughout the 3 ½ hour tour, a trained facilitator will escort your group through Philadelphia’s historic district making stops at the Betsy Ross House where they will tour Betsy’s home and learn about everyday life in the 18th century.

They’ll time travel from the 1680s to today in just three city blocks as HPI’s award-winning Storytellers tell real stories about religious tolerance, patriotism, equality, and standing up for what you believe in. Through interactive, educational stories they’ll learn about such revolutionary figures as William Penn, James Forten, Caroline LeCount, and Susan B. Anthony in the historic sites where history was made.

At the Arch Street Meeting House, one of the nation’s most historically important Quaker Meeting Houses, they’ll learn how Quaker values influenced Philadelphia’s culture then and now.

And with the option to add a selection of other historic attractions to your itinerary, your students gain an even broader appreciation for our nation’s history. Tours include curricular materials for pre- or post-visit classroom discussions. For more details, email education@historicphiladelphia.org.

Philadelphia School Districts schools may qualify for a free Full Day Field Trip. For more information email education@historicphiladelphia.org.

Virtual Field Trip

Can’t be here in person? HPI’s curriculum-based Virtual Field Trips transport students back into 18th century Philadelphia where our History Makers and professional storytellers relay authentic history in a series of curriculum-based videos.  Recommended for 4-6 grades.

Your Virtual Field Trip Package includes 3 videos including:

  • Story Stroll

    Time travel from the 1680s to today in just three city blocks.  HPI’s award-winning Storytellers take you on a journey through the historic streets of Philadelphia. Students will learn about religious tolerance, patriotism, equality, and standing up for your beliefs through interactive, educational stories about such revolutionary figures as William Penn, James Forten, Caroline LeCount, and Susan B. Anthony in the historic sites where history was made.

  • Arch Street Meeting House

    Learn about the Quaker history of Philadelphia at what some consider the most important Quaker site in the world. The video tour explores the history of the burial ground, historic West Room and Arch Street’s modern history. A self-guided, 360-degree tour of the site is also included.

  • Betsy Ross House

    Tour the 18th century home of America’s most famous flag maker without leaving your classroom! Follow Betsy through her house as she regales students about her meeting with George Washington, the danger she faced sewing the flag, and the other upholstery work she did throughout her life. Your virtual tour will begin in front of the house as Betsy welcomes you to her home and takes you inside to view her upholstery shop, parlor, and bed chamber.

For more details, check out our Virtual Field Trip Information Sheet.

New Virtual Field Trip Elements

  • Integrated moments of participation and reflection that encourage interactive participation
  • Updated language and content that reflect greater diversity and inclusion in the stories we tell
  • More information about the sites in Independence National Historical Park
  • Additional reference images for the people, places, and things mentioned in the Story Stroll
  • Updated curricular materials available in multiple formats to support both in-person and online learning

Pricing & Information

Rate: $150 per booking (Free for Philadelphia public and charter schools)

Group Maximum: 50 people


  • Betsy Ross House – 25 minutes
  • Story Stroll – 35 minutes
  • Arch Street Meeting House – 15 minutes

Grade Level: Recommended for 4th – 6th

Platform: Vimeo

Format: Pre-recorded videos with interactive moments and opportunities for classroom discussion. Teachers will receive a private link to video content, which will be available for a program window of 1 week.

Content can be viewed at any time during the program window, allowing for maximum flexibility with virtual or in-person classroom instruction.