Other Ways to Support

Continue to tell Betsy’s Story

Here are other ways you can support the Betsy Ross House:

Buy a Betsy Brick

A custom commemorative brick in the Betsy Ross House courtyard

Commemorate a special occasion, loved one, favorite pet, anniversary or whatever is meaningful to you with a $250 Betsy Brick. Your message will be engraved in a brick and placed in the courtyard at Betsy Ross House. For details, visit here.

Historic Artifacts

The Betsy Ross House preserves and displays objects and documents that belonged to Betsy and her descendants, items to furnish an 18th century middle class home, 18th century upholstery tools, historic flags, trinkets that feature the Betsy Ross House or Betsy Ross, and commercial items that used Betsy’s image or the image of the Betsy Ross House. To contribute to the collection, email photos, a detailed description of the item and any info connecting the item to the Betsy Ross House to Lisa Acker-Moulder, Director of the Betsy Ross House at lisa@betsyrosshouse.org. Please note that due to limited storage, we cannot accept all items.

Education Improvement Tax Credits (EITC)

In Pennsylvania, businesses can earn tax credits and support education through the EITC program. As an Educational Improvement Organization (EIO), Historic Philadelphia, Inc. can provide Pennsylvania Title 1 schools with access to our Once Upon A Nation Full Day Field Trip program which include a tour of the historic 18th century Betsy Ross House, the interactive Once Upon A Nation Story Stroll and a visit to the historic Arch Street Meeting House to learn about the values and practices that helped shape Philadelphia. The Field Trip program is cross-curricular and standards based and supplements classroom instruction with on-site learning. Click here to learn more about the EITC program.

Corporate Sponsorships

There are a variety of sponsorship opportunities available throughout the year at the Betsy Ross House. Our Development Department will work with you to develop a tailored sponsorship package that achieves your marketing goals. Contact Lesly Attarian, Vice President of Development at 215-629-5801 x207 or lattarian@historicphiladelphia.org

Matching Gift

Double or triple the value of your gift! Please contact your human resources or corporate giving department to learn about your employer’s matching gift policy.