Once Upon A Nation Storytelling Benches
One-of-a-kind Storytelling Benches are within Philadelphia’s Historic District, telling riveting stories of our nation’s history in the places where they actually happened.
A Once Upon A Nation Storyteller engages a group at one of the curved storytelling benches near Independence Hall
Meet the Women of the 18th Century
Meet the Women of the 18th Century at the Betsy Ross House!
An actress playing Mary Crathorne, posing for the camera.
Free Quaker Meeting House
Photo showing the outside of the Free Quaker Meeting House in Philadelphia.
Meet the History Makers
Meet Colonial Philadelphians, hear their stories, and ask them about their lives!
A costumed Once Upon A Nation History Maker shows visitors information in a printed guide called The Gazette
In Partnership with the National Park Service
Leveraging historical research to ensure our stories are accurate.
A National Park Service representative speaks with a tour group
Researching Authentic History, Where It Happened
There’s a power of place that helps make the stories we tell more vivid and memorable.
Costumed History Makers pose outside in colonial attire
Benstitute: The Training Behind Once Upon A Nation
An intensive, immersive training program for our Storytellers and History Makers.
Storytelling & Education
We offer so many ways to experience our country’s rich, diverse history.
A group of children post for a photo with Historic Philadelphia, Inc. Storytellers as part of a tour
Who are the History Makers?
Part actor, part educator, totally engaging.
A group of costumed History Makers, including Betsy Ross
A Visitors’ Guide to Once Upon A Nation
Lace up your walking shoes for a short stroll through America’s long history.
A costumed History Maker leads a tour group on a cobblestone street