Betsy Ross House


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The Woman

Though she’s become an American icon for the part she played in the birth of our nation, there’s a fascinating real woman behind the legend. Betsy Ross was a wife, working mother and entrepreneur who led a life filled with triumph and tragedy.

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historic philadelphia betsy ross house

The House

Built more than 250 years ago, the building now known as The Betsy Ross House was home to not just Betsy, but to dozens of artisans and shopkeepers over the years before it was opened to the public as a museum in 1898.

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The Flag

The well-known and loved story of Betsy Ross sewing the First Stars & Stripes is tightly woven into the colorful fabric of America’s rich history.

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Plan your group trip to Historic Philadelphia with unique experiences from the Betsy Ross House, Franklin Square, and Once Upon A Nation! From interactive Storytelling tours and Philadelphia-themed mini golf to performances by historic reenactors, it's all listed right here!

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