Women's History Month at the Betsy Ross House

Women's History Month Celebration

The Betsy Ross House is the only place in Philadelphia dedicated solely to telling the stories of Colonial women and their contributions to our nation. During March, the House will tell the stories of many influential women in our nation's history through a variety of special events in celebration of Women’s History Month.

Meet the Women of The Betsy Ross House

Sunday, March 3, 11 am - 3 pm

Meet three women who, like Betsy Ross, were 18th-century middle-class entrepreneurs:  chocolate maker Mary Crathorne; Hannah Lithgow, who owned the House when Betsy Ross rented rooms there; and, Phillis the laundress, a freed slave making her way in the world.

Don't miss your chance to meet Betsy, herself, at three different ages – the young rebel who sewed a standard for our young nation; the woman who made musket cartridges to support a Revolution; and, finally, as an older woman who shared stories with her children and grandchildren.

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Walk up tickets are limited. Self-guided tours are not available during the event.


Meet Phillis the Laundress

March: Thursdays - Sundays, 12 pm - 5 pm

Meet Phillis, a free African American woman who was born into slavery in Philadelphia. She went to school to learn to read and was then indentured where she acquired valuable domestic skills, such as cooking and laundry, which she used to support herself when she received her freedom at the age of 21. As a free woman of color, Phillis lived in a growing and active community of free blacks in 18th century Philadelphia. Though her work was hard as a free and educated woman, she enjoyed a degree of independence that many were looking for in 18th century Philadelphia.

Colonial Chocolate Making

Saturday, March 2, 11 am - 4 pm

Meet three female entrepreneurs and learn how women played an active role during the American Revolution – from making important military supplies, like flags and musket cartridges, to choosing “patriotic” beverages like chocolate and coffee, rather than tea. Sample the hot chocolate drink that colonists enjoyed.

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